Sunday, November 22, 2009

No my child is the smartest in the world

Ok I had to have that title just because this just gets me every time something comes up and parents have to brag. I know as parents we have every right in the world to brag and look at every little achievement as "One small step for man and one giant leap for mankind". Teaching preschool when parents would come into my class they would make comments like "They are going to start school early because they are so advanced" Then come to find out they are advanced in one area and well not doing so hot in other area's. When I would try and tell the parent that they are not getting all of the bench marks they would argue with me and tell me that I am wrong and their child is the smartest child in the history of the world. With which I want to reply "really, if they are so smart why did they have to shove a barkchip all the way up their nose to smell is and not be able to get it out?" But I hold my tongue and do my best to encourage them.

Now before my children were born I knew I would be the best parent on the planet. I had so much experience raising everyone elses children as a nanny and preschool teacher, how hard can this be? Well I am being sarcastic! I knew that I was far from perfect and that I would mess up and I started a savings account that will be just for their therapy when they get older and realized how much I really messed them up. But for now I just keep plodding away seeking God and His wisdom and hope that the good will outweigh the bad in the end. Ok I digress. So I vowed I would never be a parent that was like "Oh did you see that he clapped his hands and he is only 2 months old" or "I swear that she just counted to 10 and didn't need any help, and you know she is only 1 and a half"

All this to say that their is absolutly nothing wrong with bragging about your childs achievements and the milestones that they finally reach. I was excited and couldn't wait to tell my friends that "Ron crawled today" and he is a year. He just scooted on his bottom to get around. I have to admit this is our form of party entertainment. So bragging is good and I feel important to your child to know that "hey my mom is proud of me, and I will just go to therapy for a few years".

All this to say that sometimes we really underestimate how much our children really do understand. Ron was at the top of the stairs and I said "hey you wanna come down? Well we need to change your diaper, there is one on the floor behind you, can you get it?" Ok really I was just talking to him not expecting anything and low and behold he turned around grabbed the diaper that was a few crawls away and brought it back to me. I was a little shocked and excited. I couldn't wait to tell my friends that my child has now been trained like a dog to bring the paper to me. Ok so not really a dog but you catch my drift.

While I feel it is great and even important to brag and get all excited about your childs achievements, we don't have to come across like they are the smartest child in the world. Don't get me wrong I think all children are smart and incredibly talented and we should never short change that. We are all made in the likeness of our Creator and we need to remember that He Does Not Make Any Mistakes!

Monday, November 2, 2009

"There's people here?"

What can I say but my little girl is starting to repeat everything that is said with interest. I will be putting something on the table and she will ask "What is that?" I will say "It is a plate to put our food on" She will then respond with "It's a plate?" and everything is a question.

I have to laugh because one Sunday we were at Costco and we had the kids with us and, if you have been to costco you know that it can get really crowded on Sundays. We were walking along and shopping and stopping at samples and looking at different items. I was over checking something out and daddy was with the kids who were happy to just hang out and look at the people and samples and touch everything they can, and Nancy decides to sit down in the middle of the isle and take a break. Daddy looks at Nancy and says "Nancy you can't sit down in the isle there are people here who are trying to get around you" With that Nancy responded with "There are people here?" We had a great laugh and enjoy these moments when she is learning how her voice communicates to others.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Well I have had fun with Nancy. Now that she has hit the 2 1/2 mark she is my little helper. I love having her help me in the kitchen and cleaning and soon it will be with the crafts and everything else that I do.

I was talking with my friend awhile ago and talking about how hard it is to work in the kitchen with my "little helper". I know she means well but sometimes it is very hard when I am trying to get dinner ready or whatever done that I need to. My friend gave me some great advice "When you are cooking put on your 'hat'" She told me that she had to put on her "hat" to remind herself that she is cooking with her kids and it doesn't have to be perfect and it will be messy.

I liked the idea, especially since I am such a perfectionist and like everything just so. She loves to help mommy and I love to have her help. I know because before long she won't want to do anything. So while we are making brownies and she pulls the mixer up while it is still on and batter goes every where...... Well I guess I just have to say that we are creating some wonderful memories and that I don't need to get so uptight about the little things!

I can't wait to see how Ron is going to want to help! I must admit he is all boy. While I vacume he is busy chasing the vacume cleaner around trying to catch it! I laugh because it is so funny to try and vacume around a little boy who keeps trying to grab the vacume while moving out of the way.

Getting away

I don't know about you but man to get away for a couple nights and a day and a half is just way worth it. I know that they probably come few and far between but when they do come boy am I ready!

Recently a friend invited me to her cabin for the weekend. There was nothing really there just the sound (puget sound) and her cabin. It was wonderful. Then a few weeks after that a friend invited me to Bellingham for the weekend to scrapbook away for the weekend. Since my husband was heading to Nebraska for a football game he said yes.

So before I go, I think hmmmm do I want to do this, I feel kinda bad that I am leaving my husband and the kids for the weekend. But like the day before my children turn into crazy "brain damaged" kids. I get the brain damage from Bill Cosby. (if you haven't seen it and your a parent, you must) We go to a store and they come unglued. We decide to play outside and they are at each others throat. I am beside myself, thinking "Well I am glad that I am leaving" Perhaps this is magnified because I know that I am leaving and so I just see the worst but I really don't think that I do.

While I am gone I do a great job of relaxing! I don't call to much cause I don't want superdad to think that I don't trust him, I let him call. When he does call it is a riot. It is not like he needs to know where the milk is or how to do the laundry nope it's "Where is the song 'keep walking' at on the I-pod" in the background I can hear Nancy screaming "I want to listen to keep walking" I am trying to think where it is on the I-pod and how to get to it. The next day I get a call at 4 pm wondering where the hairbrush is? I know he knows how to take care of the kids but it cracks me up with the questions.

The best part is coming home. I know that after a weekend of relaxing that I am going to have to clean things up a bit and I am learning not to mind. (since I am a neat freak this has taken time to get used to) My kids are happy to see me and suddenly my husband has a new appreciation for me and what goes on. They have a great time and get to spend some quality time with daddy. All in all it is a win win.

If you are ever given the opportunity to get away for a day or two take it, it will be a much needed rest for everyone all the way around.

As for my blogging I will try to get this going again. My friend texted me and wanted to know what happened? So here we go, I will try to keep a little time in my evening to recap my life as a mom who thinks life is way to funny during the day and by the end is pooped and tired!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Really? You know the words already?

So Nancy is totally into VeggieTales. I don't mind at all, I think it is a fun and creative show to watch. I love the spin offs and the silly songs. I must confess I was into veggietales when they first came out. I was singing with Larry at the top of my lungs "oh where is my hairbrush?" while driving in my car on the way to a youth meeting that I lead. My husband on the other hand could careless for them. In fact when we were dating and engaged he told me numerous times that he did not want his kids watching veggietales. I blew it off, that he just didn't understand the humor of it, and the fact that it is appealing with the music and humor.

Well we have watched Jonah I can't even tell you how many times, and we have a couple other different ones that she watches. I still have yet to see "Pirates Who Don't Do Anything" but I digress. I have CD's that I have loaded onto my Ipod so when we are driving we listen to veggietale tunes and we all sing along and she will request again or ask for a specific song.

Well Nancy woke up not feeling good at all today and so we have been watching veggietales and relaxing. Well this evening she was starting to feel better and asked for another veggietale movie. I said "ok" put one on and then started in amazement as I listened to her quote the intro to the begining song. She didn't say it right with them but she knew the words and when they were coming. This is the whole scene where Larry is not sure what to play for the intro song.... yeah.

She has come in singing different parts of songs that just crack me up. One morning I was changing Ron and Nancy came running into his room yelling at the top of her lungs "I Am That Hero" "Larryboy" I just bursted out laughing. Another time she came up to the counter of the Auntie Anne's Pretzels and sang at the top of her lungs "Broccoli...Celery" My friend who works there just bursted out laughing.

She is picking up music really quick and I think that it is really fun to see loves in children that are not forced. I don't know if she will have any "real" musical talent and who really cares, but the fact that she loves to sing and has fun doing it is all I care about at this time.

For now we will just continue singing in the car "Oh Where is my hairbrush....." If you listen close you will probably hear us coming! :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Why is it that when you just finish changing a diaper that they decide that they have to "go" again.

This seems to happen right after I change a really wet diaper and then they say "oh good, now that it is fresh and clean and Mom is comfortable doing something I think I will get her attention" This happened this morning. I have learned that Ron likes to do his business in the morning, so I wait a little bit to change his diaper until he has gone. I thought that I was being so smart and I'm thinking to myself "gotcha"! Well no sooner had I changed his diaper did he decide to do his business again. I think his thought process goes something like this.....

"hmmm I have to go, but I am wet, maybe if I go a little bit and then I will try again. Here she comes she can smell it!"
Now he rolls around and makes the changing process soooo much fun. We play and talk and try to keep him on his back so I can get him changed.
"Whew that was fun, ok now I am going to wait and then see what she does" He says to himself
"You know there is nothing better than a fresh clean diaper to soil and get my mom's attention again. I hate wearing these things and I hope that she lets me just roll around for awhile without any diaper"
So he gets changed and then he decides that if he rolls really quick he can get away from the diaper and not get one put on.

I don't know I think they know that these things cost money and they just want to remind us that "we are not cheap people"

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Could you say that a little louder

So I know it has been awhile since my last blog and I am trying to keep a journal of ideas to blog about, but it has been crazy around here! Summer I thought was going to be relaxing but at this point..... ummmm we are in July??

Well I have to tell you that I decided to get out and go to the mall. I had a few erronds that I needed to run and thought that it would be fun to play at the play area there, and Nancy had a friend over so it would give them something to do.

We start out and we are doing great! Everyone is happy and laughing and having a good time. I get me erronds done and then we go to have lunch at our favorite place "Aunti Anne's" for a little lunch and get going home.

Nancy's friend is potty trained and lets me know that they have to "go" so we head over to Macy's to use the restroom. It is the closest one after all and it's by the shoes, who can resist.
Now the shoe department is right by the mens department. We are walking out of the restroom and I am looking at the summer sandles looking for some flip flops and I turn around to check on the kids who are (believe me are) by me. I see Nancy a few steps away and she is looking at the man maniquin and he is only wearing jockey underwear and she is squeezing the private area of the maniquin yelling "Mommy what is this?" "Moooommmm what is this?" Can I just say that I don't really embarrass easy but that did it for me! I said "it's a manaquin and let's go" I took her hand and led her away really hoping that no one saw me or heard the conversation.

I can honestly say that I was still shades of red driving home from the mall! I love my children and just the innocence that they have.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What a day

You ever have one of those days when you just want to go back to bed, hope it was all a dream and when you wake up it will be ok? Today was one of those days and it is not even over yet.

I was having a great sleep, but my son decided that he no longer wants to sleep past 5 am. If you have read any of my previous blogs you know that I like my sleep. So I get him up and set him in bed with me so I can relax and perhaps he will go back to sleep, but my daughter woke up too and so she comes running into my room with a book in hand. So now we are all sitting in bed reading a story at 5:30 in the morning.

We get up and get some breakfast and then one of her friends comes over to play and they hang out and have a great time. We were planning on going to costco, but it was nap time and I thought perhaps taking a nap before will be a little more relaxing for all of us. So we go after nap, and one of the girls from my youth group is with us and she is hanging out. While backing out of the driveway I hit her car. Fortunatly it was in a spot that was already hit, so she was ok with the whole thing. (so she says, I think she was just being nice). So I feel horrible and move on to Costco. We get to Costco and I forgot the item I was returning, and then go to unbuckle everyone and realize one was not totally buckeled. He had pulled his seat down and I didn't realize that I hadn't buckled it.

Wow and I was thinking that I didn't have anything to blog about! I am sorry for not blogging more but life is a little crazy with two little ones and what I think would be interesting just wouldn't be to others. So please be patient with me as I start making a list as things come to my mind so I can blog more frequently!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"Let's Pray"

I have to laugh at my husband sometimes! He comes up with the funniest ideas and I need to remember them. The most recent one is when Nancy was not getting her way and she was throwing a fit, my husband picked her up and said "Nancy, Lets pray" Instantly the tears stopped and she folded her hands and Daddy said a little prayer.

However once the prayer was over the tears began to flow once again. He said "Ok lets pray again" and she responded with "ok" and she folded her hands and listened to her daddy pray.

Since then we have done this several times when the fit starts or when she gets hurt, we say ok lets pray.

Wow if only I could remember that in my own life. I hope that this becomes instilled in her for life and in the process perhaps my life too. I don't know how many times if I would have just prayed rather than throwing a big fit and crying or yelling, taking it to God in prayer. There is no prayer or request to small that God does not desire to hear it from us.

This brings back a sermon illustration that one of my pastors used a long time ago. He was talking about how a missionary friend of his was home on fulough and he was really good at computers and was helping my pastor with his computer. Before he got started he said "Lets pray" so they prayed and then when he ran into problems he would stop and say "Lets pray" this continued until they got the situation fixed. A few months later there was another problem with his computer so he called his missionary friend to come over and work on it, and he went right to work on it with no thought. When they were all done and got the problem fixed my pastor said "how come you didn't pray? Last time we were praying all the way thru the process and this time you didn't once pray" The friend looked at him and said "Wow it has already happened where I forget about my dependence on God"

I really look at this opportunity to say wow what a way to share my dependence on God and encourage the same thing for Nancy and eventually Ron.

Anyone have any ways they are trying to pass on their spiritual harritage? I would love to hear, share with me please and perhaps we can all learn from each other, and get some new ideas.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Doing as I do

I have a really bad habit. Ok I probably have more than one but the one I am writing about is probably the worst. When I am confronted with conflict or my husband and I are working something out I will respond with "Ok". Sometimes it is a nice "Ok" and sometimes it is "Ohhhkayyyyy". I have discovered this bad habit from Nancy.

Yesterday we were hanging out with a friend and relaxing. Nancy started tossing things off of the coffee table and I looked at her and said "you need to stop". She started walking away and I asked her to come here and she kept walking and said "okayyy". I thought for a split second and thought "oh dear, she has learned that from me! I can't get mad at her when it is something that I have taught her"

So I just let it go and will work on that very bad habit, because it is a disrespectful attitude that has rubbed off onto her. I think that God allows us to have children, just to show us some of our faults and area's of weakness that we need to work on. I know because, if my husband would have said something I would respond with an "okayyy, I will work on that"

How do you deal with your bad habits? Have they rubbed off onto your kids? I really need some good ideas on how to deal with these.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Story time

I love childrens books! I always have, they are fun and have lots of cool pictures. I have been collecting books for years, long before I had children. I guess it comes with the teritory of working with pre-schoolers.

I was out garage sale hunting today and I like to look for childrens books at a much lower price that are in good condition, and I found one that was brand new. The mom looked at me and said " It's brand new from Christmas, I just got tired of reading it to my daughter" I laughed, and then she said "It is just to long."

As I looked thru the book I thought yes it is a little wordy and when her daughter wants her to read it over and over again, it can get a little old. I bought the book and put it in my bag and we went on our merry way.

But it got me thinking "yes I have books that I hate to read to Nancy because they are long and wordy and really not all that interesting" and then I realized that is the book that she always chooses. When I sit down to read her a story she pickes out the ones that I could care less for, and I think that she has a radar that tells her "Mom is tired pick out this one SHE HATES IT" and she brings it over to me and I sigh and then look at her blue eyes looking at me and start reading it.

One day my Aunt was over visiting and Nancy brought her that book, and my aunt being the great person that she is said "oh a story, oh it has lots of stories in one book. How fun" and as she turned the pages she didn't read the story, she made up her own. She put my kids names in there and then talked about the pictures and since that day I have done the same thing with that book that I don't enjoy, yet now can find some humor in.

Kids are fun and reading is so important but why? Why can't they like the books that you think are the funniest, or the most fun, or have the catchy tune that goes with it? I think it is the radar that goes with the child "well mom enjoys this book way to much pick out another one" I don't know, I guess I just enjoy different things. I could go on and on about the different books I enjoy and now Nancy is begining to enjoy some of the same ones I enjoy! We laugh and have fun with our books! You wanna be her best friend? Read her a story!

What are some of your favorite childrens books? I would love to hear

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

That Darn Cat

So I love cats. I don't love, love them but I love my cat. I have almost always had one growing up. My first cat was Snoopy. He was a big fat orange cat that was just the best. He would just plod along at his own pace and have fun. He passsed on when I was in 8th grade.

My sophmore year I got another cat and named her Marble. She was a cat with attitude. She just wanted to be fed and occasionaly she would let you pet her. She really didn't care for people and liked me, because I fed her and took care of her. She passed away shortly after I got married.

We finally moved into a house after we were married and I said I really wanted to get a cat. So we adopted from the humane society and got Gus. He was a big fat orange tabby cat. Gus was a cuddler. He would crawl up on my lap and sleep next to me all night long. I think that Gus may have caught one bird and that was it that I know of. Gus had siezures and we didn't put him on medication but just let him live. He died just before Ron was born. I was sad and missed my little guy.

Well my sister's cat had just had kittens and she asked if I wanted on and I said sure so she drove up with my mom and her girls from Portland with a kitten and gave it to me. I was quite surprised to see that the cat was all black. I have never really been a fan of black cats but she was free and what could I say? She was a barn cat and so she lived outdoors and we were not quite sure how she woud adjust to being an indoor/outdoor cat. Well she did just great and she took to Nancy quite well. Nancy loved her and they would play together for a long time chasing all over the house and when Nancy fell asleep the cat slept right next to her. I had to name this cat and wasn't sure what to name it so I choose Lucy. I choose this name because it was short for Lucifer in case I needed a cause to get mad at the cat I could say her whole name. I know I have a warped sence of humor and that is just how I roll.

Well we had, had this cat for a few weeks and soon the cat was bringing me presents. One morning I am sitting at the table with my back to the window and I hear a bang I turn and say "oh a bird must have hit the window" I had no more than turned around again and here comes Lucy jumping up to look out the window. Suddenly I look down and see this little bird flapping all over the place, Lucy sees it at the same time and grabs it and takes it down to the floor and starts playing with it. I picked up the bird and put it outside, and closed the door. A few minutes later the cat comes running up with the same bird and starts playing with it, I pick it up again and throw it out and close off the cat door.

Since then we have had several of these episodes. She has caught rats and birds, I am still waiting on the goffers that I have in my yard. But the thing that never fails is that she always does this right after I have cleaned my floors. Last night I had the same thing.

Well everyonce in awhile I would hear this lullaby music that would be playing and I would just think that it was one of the kids toys and ignore it. Well today I was sitting downstairs and we are playing and I hear the music again but it is upstairs in the bedroom, I look up to see Lucy on Nancy's bed and trying to get comfortable has pushed the fish mobile button and is watching the fish and listening to the music. Now I have seen it all. She is a fun cat but boy does she have some strange habits. I spend a lot of time laughing at her and her funny ways.

Just like our kids God has created all living creatures with a different personality

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Making My Mother Cringe

Because we just celebrated Mother's day and all I thought I would share some humourous insights from my childhood/adulthood of things my mom never knew but would cringe if she had known.

When I was in camp at a young age I would sneek off and just hide and be by myself for no reason other than making people look for me. I was truly a counselor's worst nightmare. I would cry and complain, and I got my payback during all my years as a counselor.

When I decided to go to Moody Bible Institute (I was only there one semester) I got a job working for a family down on the waterfront at their apartment, babysitting. If you know anything about where Moody is, it is down town Chicago, next to Cabrina Green project. There was a police station right across the street from the school, and I would walk home the 10 blocks by myself at 1o:oo pm. I was crazy, but I figured I stayed on the streets with all the bars I could just run in if I ran into problems. Not exactly the smartest move.

Then my favorite story that I love to tell is when I lived in Boston and I had just bought my first car. I was so excited and after youth group I was able to pick it up. My pastor said that I could leave my car at their house, and then I would be able to get a ride the next day to pick it up. Well I didn't want to wait to drive my new car, so I went and picked it up at 11pm and drove both cars about 15 miles. I would drive a couple blocks and then walk back and get the other car and then drive the car a few more blocks and then go back and get the other car. I think I finally got to my pastor's house about 1 am. I was so tired but it was so fun and I felt like I was on this great adventure and I laughed and said to myself "This will be a great story".

Now that I am a mom I look at these of many instances that make me cringe and hope that my children have a little more common sense and I will just have to keep praying for them continuously knowing God is in controll.

To all of you moms Happy Late Mothers day

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Getting the job done

So being a neat freak I like to have a clean house and I want everything to be in its place and so I try to keep it up. I feel that it is very important to show my children that we put things away when we are done with them.

I got the biggest smile the other day when Nancy was not feeling well at all and she was walking around with her sippy cup and just trying to get comfortable and try to feel better. I was on the phone and I had some peeps for dessert (an Easter favorite) and I had left the box on the table with every intention of throwing the box away as soon as I was done with my phone call. I looked over and there is Nancy walking over to the recycling bag putting my box away. Oh the joy that I felt that all those times of putting stuff away was not wasted (in more ways than one)

I am waiting for the day that she looks at her daddy and says "ummm dad you need to pick up your stuff"

I try really hard not to complain and lead by example and just clean up and have the kids clean up when they are done with something. Perhaps this will rub off to daddy and then I will be able to relax!

For now I am just happy with the small little examples that my children show me that they really do listen to what I say and see my example!

Monday, May 4, 2009


So when you have two children one of them is bound to be sick, be it a runny nose, the runs, or what ever comes down the pike. I have spent the weekend with my daughter Nancy who has been to the doctor for most of Saturday trying to figure out why she has a fever, only to discover that she has Pneonomia. We caught it early and so she is doing well, but it made me really start to wonder why should I plan anything?

This is the week that I am doing a garage sale for our AWANA program and am needing to be at the church getting stuff set up and organized and all that goes with it. I feel that God is trying to teach me several lessons thru my children always being ill. One that I need to ask for help and that it is not a bad thing to need help. The other is that sometimes things don't work out as planned.

Sometimes I don't stop the scheduled activity; a runny nose ok we can keep going, high fever well..... I guess we have to reschedule. Sometimes this is so hard because I plan stuff for my kids but also for me so I can get out as well. I know my children don't plan getting sick like they plan poopy diapers to make me late but times it really feels that way.

Nancy says to Ron "mommy is planning an outing at the mall and that is so boring looking at stuff, so you want to get sick or me?"
Ron replies with "I don't know it is not so bad to just sit in a stroller and be pushed around and look at all the different things, beats sitting on the floor looking at you"
"fine I guess I will take matters into my own hands!"
and then she starts sniffeling.

Well I guess I will take advantage of the low energy children and relax maybe do a little scrapbooking during the really really long naps and get caught up on some stuff.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

growing up

So I go into Bubba's room (Ron's nickname)to get him up this morning and he was just as happy as can be, laughing and moving around. When I picked him up, he seemed so different to me. I changed his diaper and then took him down stairs to eat breakfast and as I sat him in his high-chair I thought to myself "Did you get taller overnight?" His feet were just a few inches from the footrest on the high-chair.
As I sat there feeding him I watched him and he was so intent on eating and watching the spoon and grabbing it, and feeding himself that I was in shock. He really was "growing up before my eyes".
I had forgotten those changes with Nancy, and it really wasn't that long ago, but I was so amazed at how much really does change in a few days. How quickly they learn to do things and then remember them the next hour or day. As I sat around with some friends last week, we were talking about how we wanted our kids to grow up and get a little more independant but I don't know if I want that right now. I think I will just sit back and enjoy these cuddly moments because as I have been told numerous times by numerous people "this will pass before you know it"

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

road trips

Anyone who has kids will know where I am going with this. Both of our parents live out of town, so we travel to go see them. We go to Portland more because we can shop and we lived there so we have friends. Nothing against my mother in-law, I like the eastern part of Washington, but for some reason it is harder to get over there.
Well Friday we left for Portland and I really try to leave close to evening so the kids will sleep in the car and relax and my husband and I can relax and have a nice trip down. Well, not this trip! Bubba was fed and ready to go, (Ron's nickname)in his P.J.s and fed and ready for bed. Nancy was up but because she is the night owl I figure why bother. So we get on the road after packing up the house and taking the kitchen sink, leaving just the couch and bed for the cat, and move out. Now I have to imput something here: I downloaded "Playhouse Disney" songs and Nancy loves it. Her favorite show is "Tigger and Pooh" and so we listen to the song all the time, and the other Tigger and Pooh songs that are on it. So we get into the car and she is ready for "Tigger" and she keeps asking for Tigger. So I find it and put it on, my husband is wanting to listen to the Mariners game and so he tolerates it for a little while and then I say "Ok it's daddy's turn to listen to his stuff" and I turn on the Mariner game. The crying begins, and the yelling and the asking for Tigger over and over again. After awhile I say "No it's daddy's turn and then you can listen in a little while" Now I am laughing. I usually let her listen to what she wants and it is no big deal to me, but my husband is learning to share.
We get over the Drama of the music and then it starts with now she is just tired and can't get comfortable in her car seat and has been sitting for a long time and wants to get out. I am driving and don't like to stop, so I just wait for her to get over it. Now we have a headlight out in our van, and we have known about this for awhile and my husband is the one who fixes that stuff. So I am driving down the freeway and everyone is quiet and Bubba has gone back to sleep (he woke up during all the screaming of his sister and dad talking loudly to her about the radio) and I pass a cop. I am not speeding but I see him pull out and I know that I am about to be pulled over. I keep driving and hope that it was the person right behind me that he was after but I see his lights and so I pull over. Now Nancy who has been quiet noisy the whole trip gets real quiet because we have stopped. The officer comes up to my husbands side and is very nice once he sees we are just a family driving down the road.
"The reason I stopped you is you have a headlight out"
"I know" I responded as I look at my husband
"Well just get it fixed as soon as possible and drive safe"
My husband replies with "We will get it fixed tomorrow"
"Ok have a good night and drive safe" as he starts to walk away
Now the window is still down and Nancy who was in the backseat so nicely shouts out
"Bye! Bye Bye! Bye Doggie"
Where she got doggie I am not sure but I was kind of waiting for the officer to come back and say something but he didn't.
My husband and I just sat there laughing and listening to my daughter continuing to say "Bye, Bye"
All I can say is there is never a dull moment traveling with children. I hope everyone gets to experience this!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Bed Time

I know that I am a night owl. I live for being up late, watching whatever is on t.v. and working on projects. Before kids I could stay up late and work on projects, clean my house and read. When Nancy was born she came home from the hospital sleeping thru the night. She was the perfect baby! I have a friend that calls her "the perfect baby". She would tell everyone "your baby is cute but you should see my friend Rhonda's baby, she is perfect. She never cries, she is so tiny and cute she is perfect" I had to tell her "umm she is not perfect but she is close".
Nancy would go to sleep at about 8:30 or so and then she would sleep in until about 9 am or so, I mean she was my dream baby. God knew that I needed a child that was going to sleep so I could get used to this whole parenting thing. We would hang out and chill in the evening and she was so relaxed and mellow that it was great, I could work on projects and get stuff done and she would be happy to hang out and watch and play and then she would fall asleep and then I would put her to bed and then work some more and then go to sleep and then when she woke up we would start our day. Life was good!
When I got pregnant with Ron it was great because I was tired a lot and then I was able to lay down relax and sleep and take it easy. Well when Ron came along Nancy decided that she wanted to sleep with mommy and daddy. (I have to admit that this started with nap times because I would lay down with her and we would nap together.) So now Nancy is in her "big girl" bed because she was a climber and I didn't want her climbing out of the crib and I didn't want to spend money on another crib and a friend gave me her toddler bed so I took it and had a bed for Nancy.
Well now she figured out that she could get out of bed and sleep with mommy and daddy and crawl into bed with them.
Well now we had some issues to overcome because mommy was to tired to deal with them at the time now we had to face the consequenses of it. It took a few weeks but we overcame the whole sleeping with mom and dad and now we are dealing with just going to bed. This is an issue for most kids I believe. So now we are into the whole "Bill Cosby" bed time routine. If you have not seen "Cosby Himself" you should it is soooo funny and the majority of it, is about raising kids. I laugh because when it does come to bed time you have to go thru all of the steps. I find that this is very helpful if you tell them what you expect and then they will know what to expect. I laugh because I know as Nancy gets older and starts doing more things on her own, I will have to tell her "turn on the water, use soap and dry off". For now the routine "You will be going to bed in a few minutes", at this point the tears start flowing, and she is crying. After the few minutes she forgets and I say "ok lets go brush our teeth" she replies with "no" not demanding but saying no I don't want to do that now but thanks for asking. When I tell her we are going to bed she starts to cry and she starts up the stairs to go to bed. She knows that she is going to bed but just wants me to know that she is not happy about it. Once she is in bed she pats the pillow as if to say "you need to lay here with me" and so for a few minutes I will.
The amazing thing to me is, Ron loves to go to bed. He starts to get tired and he fusses and I put him down for bed or nap and he is happy as can be that he is in bed. He gives me a big smile and sucks his binky and laughs. I turn on his mobile and say goodnight, as I walk to the door. He smiles and then watches me leave. He will play for a second and then he is out. I hope that this continues, because I would love to have one that is easy to put to bed, but if not maybe they could alternate and one year it will be Ron's turn the next year Nancy's. My friend who says I had the perfect baby, now child her middle daughter will just come up to her mom and say "goodnight" I watched her she was like 9 and we were over for the evening and this happened and I looked at my friend and said "She just decided to go to bed?" My friend replied "Yep she knows when she is tired and decides to go to sleep" To that I reply "Thats the perfect child!"

Thursday, April 16, 2009


So the other day I was cleaning my bathroom while Ron was down for a nap and Nancy was just hanging out playing quietly in my room. A few minutes into cleaning she came into the bathroom with our old computer keyboard and showed me that she could pick it up. "Oh that's nice, can you go put it back please?" She walked away back into my room. After a few minutes it was really quiet and so I thought that I would poke my head in and see what she was doing. She had all on her own set the keyboard on the stool and put her legs under it and was pretending to type away. It was soooo stinken cute I ran to get my camera. I had to laugh. There are times that I am blown away by her creativity and her sense of helping herself out.
A few days ago we were at Target and we ran into some friends there and so we were walking around the store and she was the most well behaved child I had ever seen. My friends even commented on it. She would pick stuff up and I would make a comment and then ask her to put it back, to which she did. She did this all thru the store and I was a proud mom, thankful that for once we could go out and not end in a screaming fit. We got to the check out and she was looking at DVDs and she walked away and one of them fell on the ground. Just then another clerk walked by and saw Nancy pick up the DVD and put it back in the correct spot. Everyone was so proud of her and I said "Wow she did learn to pick up after herself"
It's these moments that I am so greatful for because it helps balance out the times when we leave the store screaming and yelling because she didn't get her way. I love those moments and I know God knows that we as parents have to have them, or we would be so discouraged. I can laugh when the screaming fits happen in public only because I know everyonce in awhile I am graced with a few times of the best behaved little girl around.
I really have to wonder what Ron is going to be like? I know he has his own personality and that he will grow on his own. I just hope he sees more of the good moments of Nancy than the "fit" moments and wants to be more like that.
For now I will just have to enjoy each and every moment and have a smile no matter what, even in those difficult times when I want to yell and scream with her and say it's not fair!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Well my son Ron who is 7 months old is my over achiever. Can you give them that personality this early? If not then I did. My daughter who is 2 and just a bunch of fun now. She is the late night party animal. She loves to sleep in and stay up redicuously late. She is just like her mom, and Ron is just like dad, does the best in the morning.

Well Ron is the best baby. The first few months were a challenge because I think he had a little bit of Colic and so he cried a lot. Nancy on the other hand came home from the hospital sleeping thru the night and was the easy going infant. Ron is now the most easy going. He loves to hang out and just watch his sister. Ron will be the child that will spend hours in his room or the play area and build a cool something out of lego's and then finally get it finished and his sister will come and knock it down. Maybe not, I feel she may be a little more sensative than that. I call Ron my overachiever because he does nothing small! At seven months he out weighs his 2 year old sister, he is not just cutting one tooth at a time but working on 3, when I change his diaper it is not just in the diaper, you catch my drift.

I love the fact that God created us all with different personalities and that we as parents get the privalege of watching them grow up. I just think that this is a cool thing that we are blessed with. I am amazed at how much I see of myself in both of my kids and I see my husband in them as well. I see the bad stuff and I see the good stuff, and suddenly all those times when my mom would say "trust me on this one" I get it, I truly get it. I love to laugh and I don't look forward to the heartbreaks that I am bound to have, but I will charish and cling to the good times.

So I look forward to making more posts about my darlings personalities and how much they will grow and change and make me laugh and smile at all thier little things that make them them.

Monday, April 13, 2009


I am a neat freak! I will just start off with that! Before I had kids my house was spotless when I went to bed. The kitchen clean and everything in it's place, laundry out of the dryer folded and the beds were all made. (even if I made it just before I went to bed) I had one child and well that was a juggle but I still managed to make it so that everything was picked up and my bathrooms got a total cleaning every week with out fail. By the time my second one came, I was well if I don't get the clothes out of the dryer who will know? My husband says "I would rather have you in a good mood with a messy house rather than a bad mood with a clean house". However if my house is messy I feel like it is a reflection on me and that I do this for me, this is my identity. Well with a lot of prayer and a little persistance from my husband I am learning to relax and not worry about always having a spotless house. When I know people are coming over I like to have it picked up and looking presentable, if I don't dust I don't care cause that is the one thing I hate doing.

Well once a month we have a meeting at our house for the AWANA club directors and I usually have a light snack and try to have the house looking somewhat clean. Well last Monday was our meeting and Sunday we celebrated Nancy's 2 birthday. We had family over for a small get together and opened some presents and then everyone left. Monday I went shopping with my mother in-law, and forgot about the meeting. Well about 1pm my husband calls me to see if I had sent the reminder e-mail out and of course I hadn't 'cause I forgot. So I called everyone while I was at the mall letting Nancy play in the play area. I got home and was really just to tired to do much of anything. I figured they had all been to my house they know I can clean it and I just ran out of time so they can deal with it.

Well it's about time for everyone to show up and my daughter found my drink on the table and thought that she would bring it to me. By this time a few people are here and I am holding the drink and she takes it out of my hand and because the drink was a big one it spilt right across my floor. Well I was really glad that I had not put much effort into cleaning because it was a mess.

I really think this was God's way of telling me "relax, there is more important things to having a clean house". We all had a great meeting and my friends all still talk to me and they still come over even if my house isn't clean. What a breath of fresh air.

I have cleaned up a little since then and had stuff put away but then it all comes out again. But really it is clean other than the stuff that gets pulled out of the toyboxes and rooms and shelves.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


So I was giving my daughter Nancy a bath the other night and she was laying down on her tummy playing and splashing, while I was doing my Sudoko, and she says "Broken". Now at first I did not understand what she was trying to tell me.
"What??" I asked
"broken" She replied
"HuH??" I asked again, "I don't understand"
"broken" she replied a little frustrated
"Open?" I replied
"broken" she replied a little louder
"broken?" I asked
"broken" she replied finaly relieved that I was saying what she was saying
"What's broken?" I asked back
"broken" she said pointing to her backside
"What is broken?" I asked again
"broken" she replied again pulling her little bottom cheeks apart
"Oh no that is not broken, it is suppposed to be like that" I said smiling back trying not to laugh
Now this continued on and on for about five minutes and she was getting more and more frustrated that I was telling her that is was supposed to be like that. She was starting to get very upset and I could tell that she was going to break down and cry that her bottom was broken and no one was doing anything about it. Finally I said " do you want to go look in the mirror and I will show you that it is not broken?"
She quickly got out of the bathtub and was ready to have her towel around her as she was going to walk over to mirror and find out why her bottom was not broken.
Now Ron is asleep and daddy is just relaxing watching sports and sees us coming into the bedroom and wonders what we are doing. I hold her up in front of the mirror and explain to her that her bottom is supposed to be like that so she can go potty.
"See this is how you are able to poop"
My husband then looks up from the television and says "What are you talking about?" After telling him the story he looks at my daughter and says "well you want me to glue it together?"
Nancy just replied with "broken"
We laughed and then we had to call grandparents and tell them that their grandaughter was broken.
We all had a great laugh and if you ask her now (a few weeks later) "Are you broken?" She will point to her bottom and say "broken"

Sunday, April 5, 2009

What can you do but laugh?

Ok so it is really late and I am tired but I really wanted to get this post on before I went to bed.

So I went grocery shopping with my two adorable children who are the most well behaved kids in the whole wide world. (Please I hope you pick up on the sarcasm) Ok maybe not the most behaved but really and truly they are pretty good. I really can't complain cause I always wanted a child like Calvin from Calvin and Hobbs, they are just a great cartoon that you can sit down and read and enjoy the imagination. So I would pray saying "Lord I really want a creative child who has a great imagination" Well I think that I got it. Nancy is great she has an imagination and I could tell you stories and I am sure that I will as the postings go on. She also has her moments where she can have a complete melt down and you just have to say Hu?! and move on, I really try not to pay attention to the tantrums cause that just feeds it.
Well we went on our weekly trip to the grocery store. Sometimes if I am tired I will wait until my husband gets home and then we go together just to have an extra hand, other times I go and it makes no difference to me. Well we went to WINCO, (If you don't know what WINCO is, it is a grocery store where you have to bag your own items, and they have a great selection of bulk food)I was checking out the bulk food and they had gummy clown fish. Now Nancy has been a Nemo fan for like the last six months, so I thought oh for a special treat I will get her a few of the gummy clown fish. She was excited but I did not plan very well, as I still had more shopping to do. So we set off down the isles getting other items on my list and she kept asking me to open the fishys so she could have one and I would explain that Mommy has to pay for them first and then you will be able to have one. She would say ok and then ask again. This went on for about 5 minutes and then, she was not satisfied with "Mommy has to pay for them and then you can have one" Now Ron is just sitting in the cart hanging out looking around and could care less what is going on. (God knew I needed a mellow child after Nancy) The screams are begining to get louder and louder and she wants to get out of the cart. "Ok you can help mommy put stuff into the cart" (we have done this before and it works great usually) So we set out and she is happy once again to start putting items into my cart and as we go she does well, but then for some reason she wanted marshmellows. Now I have never given her a marshmellow and and I don't believe that she has ever had one but she decided that she wanted marshmellows. I said "no we are not getting those, Lets go" Well that was it! THAT WAS THE LAST STRAW in her little mind. Major melt down in the store where she decided that she was going to lay on the floor and cry. Now I have to tell you that when she decides to do this she is a riot. She threw herself on the floor one time and it hurt, so after that she VERY carefully lays herself down and then puts her head on the ground and then begins crying like you have seen children do. I said " Oh well" and pushed my cart a little further. Now as a Nanny and a preschool teacher I would see this and say it is part of being a child, some do this more than others but it is a natural thing that they will grow out of Lord willing. But as a person shopping before kids when I was younger I would look at this and go "Take your child home". I try to be sensative with my kids and I don't want to be in a store because I know it is really annoying to hear a child scream all the way thru the store, it just is. However most people with children understand.
So as Nancy is laying on the floor crying and kicking and decideing to lick the floor (Ummm gross) I see this 20 year old young lady walk by us and say "Oh My God". Now I am just laughing at my daughter, and saying "I hope you are having a great time". I start to walk and she looks up and sees that I am not paying attention and then decides to come walk with me and keep going.
I didn't say anything to the young lady who said what she said but I mumbled under my breath. "Oh honey just you wait, your turn will come"
So that is my grocery store story. She has not decided to have another melt down like that yet in the store but we will see. Perhaps now that she is turning two she has outgrown it. Hehehe.
The fact of the matter is I love her and I really love the personality that she is developing. Wow one more year and her personality will be pretty much developed and I can't wait to see my little Nancy and how she will be like Calvin!

Friday, April 3, 2009

first timer

Ok so my friend told me I needed to start blogging and that people would read it. We will see. I guess I will start by saying that I have 2 lovely adorable children that I love with all of my heart. My daughter is going to be 2 on Monday her name is Nancy and my son is going to be 7 months on Saturday his name is Ron. (names have been changed to protect the innocent, until proven guilty)
Ok so today I will start by stating that both of my children though they can't communicate well with me have decided that when I am in a hurry that they will decide who is going to poop their pants and have the messiest one. I will have just changed both of them and am getting ready to go out the door and while I am getting the diaper bag Nancy will say to Ron "well I had a big blowout this morning now it is your turn, make it as messy as possible preferable up the back" I come back and as I load one in the car the other starts grunting and then I smell it. Great back into the house change not just the diaper but clothes as well. Ron could care less what he wears at this time but however Nancy has oppinions on what she will be wearing. So I think that she makes a big poop just to get into a different outfit. I don't quite know how they seem to get this down but it never fails and when I think that I am going to make it out the door on time and both have done their duty, the cat will bring in a bird or something that keeps me from getting out on time. What do you do but laugh and know that by now all your friends know that you will be running late and they all understand.