Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Making My Mother Cringe

Because we just celebrated Mother's day and all I thought I would share some humourous insights from my childhood/adulthood of things my mom never knew but would cringe if she had known.

When I was in camp at a young age I would sneek off and just hide and be by myself for no reason other than making people look for me. I was truly a counselor's worst nightmare. I would cry and complain, and I got my payback during all my years as a counselor.

When I decided to go to Moody Bible Institute (I was only there one semester) I got a job working for a family down on the waterfront at their apartment, babysitting. If you know anything about where Moody is, it is down town Chicago, next to Cabrina Green project. There was a police station right across the street from the school, and I would walk home the 10 blocks by myself at 1o:oo pm. I was crazy, but I figured I stayed on the streets with all the bars I could just run in if I ran into problems. Not exactly the smartest move.

Then my favorite story that I love to tell is when I lived in Boston and I had just bought my first car. I was so excited and after youth group I was able to pick it up. My pastor said that I could leave my car at their house, and then I would be able to get a ride the next day to pick it up. Well I didn't want to wait to drive my new car, so I went and picked it up at 11pm and drove both cars about 15 miles. I would drive a couple blocks and then walk back and get the other car and then drive the car a few more blocks and then go back and get the other car. I think I finally got to my pastor's house about 1 am. I was so tired but it was so fun and I felt like I was on this great adventure and I laughed and said to myself "This will be a great story".

Now that I am a mom I look at these of many instances that make me cringe and hope that my children have a little more common sense and I will just have to keep praying for them continuously knowing God is in controll.

To all of you moms Happy Late Mothers day


  1. Well, I already knew the car story (from last night) but didn't know the one when you were a nanny. Girl, we gotta talk.....

    Hahaha about the camp story!

    So when Nancy does all these crazy things as she gets older, maybe you'll be blissfully unaware, just like your mom and my mom were.

  2. Rhonda, these stories do bring back to mind some of the most ridiculous things I have done & it does make me want to pray that my kids will have better sense. Thanks for sharing some scary humor.

  3. Okay, the car story is just darned funny. I don't think I would ever have thought of that...I'm actually quite impressed with your creative problem solving. (Um, remember to look at it that way when your own children take after you, okay?)