Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"Let's Pray"

I have to laugh at my husband sometimes! He comes up with the funniest ideas and I need to remember them. The most recent one is when Nancy was not getting her way and she was throwing a fit, my husband picked her up and said "Nancy, Lets pray" Instantly the tears stopped and she folded her hands and Daddy said a little prayer.

However once the prayer was over the tears began to flow once again. He said "Ok lets pray again" and she responded with "ok" and she folded her hands and listened to her daddy pray.

Since then we have done this several times when the fit starts or when she gets hurt, we say ok lets pray.

Wow if only I could remember that in my own life. I hope that this becomes instilled in her for life and in the process perhaps my life too. I don't know how many times if I would have just prayed rather than throwing a big fit and crying or yelling, taking it to God in prayer. There is no prayer or request to small that God does not desire to hear it from us.

This brings back a sermon illustration that one of my pastors used a long time ago. He was talking about how a missionary friend of his was home on fulough and he was really good at computers and was helping my pastor with his computer. Before he got started he said "Lets pray" so they prayed and then when he ran into problems he would stop and say "Lets pray" this continued until they got the situation fixed. A few months later there was another problem with his computer so he called his missionary friend to come over and work on it, and he went right to work on it with no thought. When they were all done and got the problem fixed my pastor said "how come you didn't pray? Last time we were praying all the way thru the process and this time you didn't once pray" The friend looked at him and said "Wow it has already happened where I forget about my dependence on God"

I really look at this opportunity to say wow what a way to share my dependence on God and encourage the same thing for Nancy and eventually Ron.

Anyone have any ways they are trying to pass on their spiritual harritage? I would love to hear, share with me please and perhaps we can all learn from each other, and get some new ideas.


  1. What an awesome post and a wonderful idea. You are sooo right...we need to be doing this in our own lives, especially when we feel a "melt down" coming on.
    Blessings and prayers, andrea

  2. I am going to try that. I think if I make it a habit, my life and the situation I am going through big or little will definitely improve.

    God hears all prayers! Thanks for an amazing and blessed story. Following you from Andrea's blog, and I love your sarcastic humor. My oldest daughter has friends that say, I am the most sarcastic person they know.

    It's just my little silly way of dealing with the teens today. So serious around parents. Chillax!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat