Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Well I have had fun with Nancy. Now that she has hit the 2 1/2 mark she is my little helper. I love having her help me in the kitchen and cleaning and soon it will be with the crafts and everything else that I do.

I was talking with my friend awhile ago and talking about how hard it is to work in the kitchen with my "little helper". I know she means well but sometimes it is very hard when I am trying to get dinner ready or whatever done that I need to. My friend gave me some great advice "When you are cooking put on your 'hat'" She told me that she had to put on her "hat" to remind herself that she is cooking with her kids and it doesn't have to be perfect and it will be messy.

I liked the idea, especially since I am such a perfectionist and like everything just so. She loves to help mommy and I love to have her help. I know because before long she won't want to do anything. So while we are making brownies and she pulls the mixer up while it is still on and batter goes every where...... Well I guess I just have to say that we are creating some wonderful memories and that I don't need to get so uptight about the little things!

I can't wait to see how Ron is going to want to help! I must admit he is all boy. While I vacume he is busy chasing the vacume cleaner around trying to catch it! I laugh because it is so funny to try and vacume around a little boy who keeps trying to grab the vacume while moving out of the way.

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