Monday, May 4, 2009


So when you have two children one of them is bound to be sick, be it a runny nose, the runs, or what ever comes down the pike. I have spent the weekend with my daughter Nancy who has been to the doctor for most of Saturday trying to figure out why she has a fever, only to discover that she has Pneonomia. We caught it early and so she is doing well, but it made me really start to wonder why should I plan anything?

This is the week that I am doing a garage sale for our AWANA program and am needing to be at the church getting stuff set up and organized and all that goes with it. I feel that God is trying to teach me several lessons thru my children always being ill. One that I need to ask for help and that it is not a bad thing to need help. The other is that sometimes things don't work out as planned.

Sometimes I don't stop the scheduled activity; a runny nose ok we can keep going, high fever well..... I guess we have to reschedule. Sometimes this is so hard because I plan stuff for my kids but also for me so I can get out as well. I know my children don't plan getting sick like they plan poopy diapers to make me late but times it really feels that way.

Nancy says to Ron "mommy is planning an outing at the mall and that is so boring looking at stuff, so you want to get sick or me?"
Ron replies with "I don't know it is not so bad to just sit in a stroller and be pushed around and look at all the different things, beats sitting on the floor looking at you"
"fine I guess I will take matters into my own hands!"
and then she starts sniffeling.

Well I guess I will take advantage of the low energy children and relax maybe do a little scrapbooking during the really really long naps and get caught up on some stuff.


  1. So are you guys sorting any evenings this week? You are, right? Call me cos I can help. My days are kind of busy with school and my mom but we're planning on helping Fri. and Saturday for sure.

    I really don't want you stressing my dear. They're maybe moving my mom to a closer facility so I don't have to go as far to visit now. Maybe tomorrow.

    i guess I can call you instead of commenting on here but I'm lazy, lol!

  2. Oh, I hope your kids are feeling better soon. It is hard to have sick little ones. You're right, though, it does serve to remind us of where our priorities should lie.