Monday, April 13, 2009


I am a neat freak! I will just start off with that! Before I had kids my house was spotless when I went to bed. The kitchen clean and everything in it's place, laundry out of the dryer folded and the beds were all made. (even if I made it just before I went to bed) I had one child and well that was a juggle but I still managed to make it so that everything was picked up and my bathrooms got a total cleaning every week with out fail. By the time my second one came, I was well if I don't get the clothes out of the dryer who will know? My husband says "I would rather have you in a good mood with a messy house rather than a bad mood with a clean house". However if my house is messy I feel like it is a reflection on me and that I do this for me, this is my identity. Well with a lot of prayer and a little persistance from my husband I am learning to relax and not worry about always having a spotless house. When I know people are coming over I like to have it picked up and looking presentable, if I don't dust I don't care cause that is the one thing I hate doing.

Well once a month we have a meeting at our house for the AWANA club directors and I usually have a light snack and try to have the house looking somewhat clean. Well last Monday was our meeting and Sunday we celebrated Nancy's 2 birthday. We had family over for a small get together and opened some presents and then everyone left. Monday I went shopping with my mother in-law, and forgot about the meeting. Well about 1pm my husband calls me to see if I had sent the reminder e-mail out and of course I hadn't 'cause I forgot. So I called everyone while I was at the mall letting Nancy play in the play area. I got home and was really just to tired to do much of anything. I figured they had all been to my house they know I can clean it and I just ran out of time so they can deal with it.

Well it's about time for everyone to show up and my daughter found my drink on the table and thought that she would bring it to me. By this time a few people are here and I am holding the drink and she takes it out of my hand and because the drink was a big one it spilt right across my floor. Well I was really glad that I had not put much effort into cleaning because it was a mess.

I really think this was God's way of telling me "relax, there is more important things to having a clean house". We all had a great meeting and my friends all still talk to me and they still come over even if my house isn't clean. What a breath of fresh air.

I have cleaned up a little since then and had stuff put away but then it all comes out again. But really it is clean other than the stuff that gets pulled out of the toyboxes and rooms and shelves.


  1. I used to be a neat freak when they were little too. Drove hubby nuts.....gee, wonder where son #1 gets it from...hehhe!

    I just want to tell everybody that my legs are in that picture!!!!

  2. sorry I forgot to mention that those were your feet in the back of the picture. momstheword has feet! :)

  3. The older I get, the neater I get. I think it is my way of holding on to sanity as the demands on my time get crazier. I like the way the baby is just squatted down looking at the mess, "Wow, look at all the milk..."

  4. Actually she was trying to figure out how to get the ice cubes. She really likes them and that is why she brought the drink over to me. :)

  5. Well dear, I understand! Trust me! And how are "N's" legs in the picture?!?!? I see some black shoes and jeans. I figured she would be more prissy than that. :o)

  6. Rhonda, just wanted to say thanks for the words of encouragement you posted my sister's post (she's loveaphid)...that was wonderfully kind of you!