Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Getting the job done

So being a neat freak I like to have a clean house and I want everything to be in its place and so I try to keep it up. I feel that it is very important to show my children that we put things away when we are done with them.

I got the biggest smile the other day when Nancy was not feeling well at all and she was walking around with her sippy cup and just trying to get comfortable and try to feel better. I was on the phone and I had some peeps for dessert (an Easter favorite) and I had left the box on the table with every intention of throwing the box away as soon as I was done with my phone call. I looked over and there is Nancy walking over to the recycling bag putting my box away. Oh the joy that I felt that all those times of putting stuff away was not wasted (in more ways than one)

I am waiting for the day that she looks at her daddy and says "ummm dad you need to pick up your stuff"

I try really hard not to complain and lead by example and just clean up and have the kids clean up when they are done with something. Perhaps this will rub off to daddy and then I will be able to relax!

For now I am just happy with the small little examples that my children show me that they really do listen to what I say and see my example!


  1. Ask if she'll come clean my house please! I'll bribe her!!!!

    Yeah, I got to try the cherry limeade last night and that is yummy too! I'm going to take my mom if she ever gets out of the hospital....

  2. My almost 2 year old granddaughter has recently discovered how to throw things away and put things in recycle....I said to Papa: WOW...we got one trained...after all these years...lol.

  3. Good luck with that! My husband leaves his size 13 shoes out all the time (toe breakers, I'm telling you!) and he just tunes out all of us...even though it has blossomed from one woman pleading to a chorus singing the same tune...nope, those shoes get left everywhere.