Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What a day

You ever have one of those days when you just want to go back to bed, hope it was all a dream and when you wake up it will be ok? Today was one of those days and it is not even over yet.

I was having a great sleep, but my son decided that he no longer wants to sleep past 5 am. If you have read any of my previous blogs you know that I like my sleep. So I get him up and set him in bed with me so I can relax and perhaps he will go back to sleep, but my daughter woke up too and so she comes running into my room with a book in hand. So now we are all sitting in bed reading a story at 5:30 in the morning.

We get up and get some breakfast and then one of her friends comes over to play and they hang out and have a great time. We were planning on going to costco, but it was nap time and I thought perhaps taking a nap before will be a little more relaxing for all of us. So we go after nap, and one of the girls from my youth group is with us and she is hanging out. While backing out of the driveway I hit her car. Fortunatly it was in a spot that was already hit, so she was ok with the whole thing. (so she says, I think she was just being nice). So I feel horrible and move on to Costco. We get to Costco and I forgot the item I was returning, and then go to unbuckle everyone and realize one was not totally buckeled. He had pulled his seat down and I didn't realize that I hadn't buckled it.

Wow and I was thinking that I didn't have anything to blog about! I am sorry for not blogging more but life is a little crazy with two little ones and what I think would be interesting just wouldn't be to others. So please be patient with me as I start making a list as things come to my mind so I can blog more frequently!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"Let's Pray"

I have to laugh at my husband sometimes! He comes up with the funniest ideas and I need to remember them. The most recent one is when Nancy was not getting her way and she was throwing a fit, my husband picked her up and said "Nancy, Lets pray" Instantly the tears stopped and she folded her hands and Daddy said a little prayer.

However once the prayer was over the tears began to flow once again. He said "Ok lets pray again" and she responded with "ok" and she folded her hands and listened to her daddy pray.

Since then we have done this several times when the fit starts or when she gets hurt, we say ok lets pray.

Wow if only I could remember that in my own life. I hope that this becomes instilled in her for life and in the process perhaps my life too. I don't know how many times if I would have just prayed rather than throwing a big fit and crying or yelling, taking it to God in prayer. There is no prayer or request to small that God does not desire to hear it from us.

This brings back a sermon illustration that one of my pastors used a long time ago. He was talking about how a missionary friend of his was home on fulough and he was really good at computers and was helping my pastor with his computer. Before he got started he said "Lets pray" so they prayed and then when he ran into problems he would stop and say "Lets pray" this continued until they got the situation fixed. A few months later there was another problem with his computer so he called his missionary friend to come over and work on it, and he went right to work on it with no thought. When they were all done and got the problem fixed my pastor said "how come you didn't pray? Last time we were praying all the way thru the process and this time you didn't once pray" The friend looked at him and said "Wow it has already happened where I forget about my dependence on God"

I really look at this opportunity to say wow what a way to share my dependence on God and encourage the same thing for Nancy and eventually Ron.

Anyone have any ways they are trying to pass on their spiritual harritage? I would love to hear, share with me please and perhaps we can all learn from each other, and get some new ideas.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Doing as I do

I have a really bad habit. Ok I probably have more than one but the one I am writing about is probably the worst. When I am confronted with conflict or my husband and I are working something out I will respond with "Ok". Sometimes it is a nice "Ok" and sometimes it is "Ohhhkayyyyy". I have discovered this bad habit from Nancy.

Yesterday we were hanging out with a friend and relaxing. Nancy started tossing things off of the coffee table and I looked at her and said "you need to stop". She started walking away and I asked her to come here and she kept walking and said "okayyy". I thought for a split second and thought "oh dear, she has learned that from me! I can't get mad at her when it is something that I have taught her"

So I just let it go and will work on that very bad habit, because it is a disrespectful attitude that has rubbed off onto her. I think that God allows us to have children, just to show us some of our faults and area's of weakness that we need to work on. I know because, if my husband would have said something I would respond with an "okayyy, I will work on that"

How do you deal with your bad habits? Have they rubbed off onto your kids? I really need some good ideas on how to deal with these.