Sunday, April 5, 2009

What can you do but laugh?

Ok so it is really late and I am tired but I really wanted to get this post on before I went to bed.

So I went grocery shopping with my two adorable children who are the most well behaved kids in the whole wide world. (Please I hope you pick up on the sarcasm) Ok maybe not the most behaved but really and truly they are pretty good. I really can't complain cause I always wanted a child like Calvin from Calvin and Hobbs, they are just a great cartoon that you can sit down and read and enjoy the imagination. So I would pray saying "Lord I really want a creative child who has a great imagination" Well I think that I got it. Nancy is great she has an imagination and I could tell you stories and I am sure that I will as the postings go on. She also has her moments where she can have a complete melt down and you just have to say Hu?! and move on, I really try not to pay attention to the tantrums cause that just feeds it.
Well we went on our weekly trip to the grocery store. Sometimes if I am tired I will wait until my husband gets home and then we go together just to have an extra hand, other times I go and it makes no difference to me. Well we went to WINCO, (If you don't know what WINCO is, it is a grocery store where you have to bag your own items, and they have a great selection of bulk food)I was checking out the bulk food and they had gummy clown fish. Now Nancy has been a Nemo fan for like the last six months, so I thought oh for a special treat I will get her a few of the gummy clown fish. She was excited but I did not plan very well, as I still had more shopping to do. So we set off down the isles getting other items on my list and she kept asking me to open the fishys so she could have one and I would explain that Mommy has to pay for them first and then you will be able to have one. She would say ok and then ask again. This went on for about 5 minutes and then, she was not satisfied with "Mommy has to pay for them and then you can have one" Now Ron is just sitting in the cart hanging out looking around and could care less what is going on. (God knew I needed a mellow child after Nancy) The screams are begining to get louder and louder and she wants to get out of the cart. "Ok you can help mommy put stuff into the cart" (we have done this before and it works great usually) So we set out and she is happy once again to start putting items into my cart and as we go she does well, but then for some reason she wanted marshmellows. Now I have never given her a marshmellow and and I don't believe that she has ever had one but she decided that she wanted marshmellows. I said "no we are not getting those, Lets go" Well that was it! THAT WAS THE LAST STRAW in her little mind. Major melt down in the store where she decided that she was going to lay on the floor and cry. Now I have to tell you that when she decides to do this she is a riot. She threw herself on the floor one time and it hurt, so after that she VERY carefully lays herself down and then puts her head on the ground and then begins crying like you have seen children do. I said " Oh well" and pushed my cart a little further. Now as a Nanny and a preschool teacher I would see this and say it is part of being a child, some do this more than others but it is a natural thing that they will grow out of Lord willing. But as a person shopping before kids when I was younger I would look at this and go "Take your child home". I try to be sensative with my kids and I don't want to be in a store because I know it is really annoying to hear a child scream all the way thru the store, it just is. However most people with children understand.
So as Nancy is laying on the floor crying and kicking and decideing to lick the floor (Ummm gross) I see this 20 year old young lady walk by us and say "Oh My God". Now I am just laughing at my daughter, and saying "I hope you are having a great time". I start to walk and she looks up and sees that I am not paying attention and then decides to come walk with me and keep going.
I didn't say anything to the young lady who said what she said but I mumbled under my breath. "Oh honey just you wait, your turn will come"
So that is my grocery store story. She has not decided to have another melt down like that yet in the store but we will see. Perhaps now that she is turning two she has outgrown it. Hehehe.
The fact of the matter is I love her and I really love the personality that she is developing. Wow one more year and her personality will be pretty much developed and I can't wait to see my little Nancy and how she will be like Calvin!


  1. Ha, I'm telling you. God knows who can take what. Our daughter never did that. I'm quite certain my husband and I wouldn't have been so "understanding" with her. :o) I'm glad you survived your shopping experience. Ha.

  2. Hehehehe! I think she gets that from my kids! Especially the Oldest!!!!! He threw a two year old tantrum like you wouldn't believe...

    Have fun at the party today!

  3. I think God knows what we can and cannot handle in this life because, I have to tell you, my kids have never done this, ever. I know it is because if they did, I would just snap and have to be hauled away in a straight jacket! God must know you can handle it better than I can! :0)

  4. Well, at least you have hardwood floors now or did she puke on the carpet downstairs? The vet said Max would throw up because of the shot he got. It would make him sick.

  5. Oh, wow! This is my first time to your blog as suggested by momstheword. :D Don't you just love the things kids do and say?! :D I remember taking my daughter out of Walmart when she was little about 2? I held her underneath my arm like a football as she is kicking and screaming as I wasn't going to have her have a fit in the store so we left. She hasn't done it since.

    Great to meet you!

  6. LOL! My oldest used to sneak away and hide and stay hidden until the entire store was in lockdown looking for a "missing" child. Lord, I miss those he just drives away...