Tuesday, April 28, 2009

road trips

Anyone who has kids will know where I am going with this. Both of our parents live out of town, so we travel to go see them. We go to Portland more because we can shop and we lived there so we have friends. Nothing against my mother in-law, I like the eastern part of Washington, but for some reason it is harder to get over there.
Well Friday we left for Portland and I really try to leave close to evening so the kids will sleep in the car and relax and my husband and I can relax and have a nice trip down. Well, not this trip! Bubba was fed and ready to go, (Ron's nickname)in his P.J.s and fed and ready for bed. Nancy was up but because she is the night owl I figure why bother. So we get on the road after packing up the house and taking the kitchen sink, leaving just the couch and bed for the cat, and move out. Now I have to imput something here: I downloaded "Playhouse Disney" songs and Nancy loves it. Her favorite show is "Tigger and Pooh" and so we listen to the song all the time, and the other Tigger and Pooh songs that are on it. So we get into the car and she is ready for "Tigger" and she keeps asking for Tigger. So I find it and put it on, my husband is wanting to listen to the Mariners game and so he tolerates it for a little while and then I say "Ok it's daddy's turn to listen to his stuff" and I turn on the Mariner game. The crying begins, and the yelling and the asking for Tigger over and over again. After awhile I say "No it's daddy's turn and then you can listen in a little while" Now I am laughing. I usually let her listen to what she wants and it is no big deal to me, but my husband is learning to share.
We get over the Drama of the music and then it starts with now she is just tired and can't get comfortable in her car seat and has been sitting for a long time and wants to get out. I am driving and don't like to stop, so I just wait for her to get over it. Now we have a headlight out in our van, and we have known about this for awhile and my husband is the one who fixes that stuff. So I am driving down the freeway and everyone is quiet and Bubba has gone back to sleep (he woke up during all the screaming of his sister and dad talking loudly to her about the radio) and I pass a cop. I am not speeding but I see him pull out and I know that I am about to be pulled over. I keep driving and hope that it was the person right behind me that he was after but I see his lights and so I pull over. Now Nancy who has been quiet noisy the whole trip gets real quiet because we have stopped. The officer comes up to my husbands side and is very nice once he sees we are just a family driving down the road.
"The reason I stopped you is you have a headlight out"
"I know" I responded as I look at my husband
"Well just get it fixed as soon as possible and drive safe"
My husband replies with "We will get it fixed tomorrow"
"Ok have a good night and drive safe" as he starts to walk away
Now the window is still down and Nancy who was in the backseat so nicely shouts out
"Bye! Bye Bye! Bye Doggie"
Where she got doggie I am not sure but I was kind of waiting for the officer to come back and say something but he didn't.
My husband and I just sat there laughing and listening to my daughter continuing to say "Bye, Bye"
All I can say is there is never a dull moment traveling with children. I hope everyone gets to experience this!


  1. Maybe she meant "Bye Bye Dawg!" Apparently, someone has been watching to much American Idol. We will put her in the car with your hubby for Sonic Sunday....hehehe!

  2. Oh, your post brought back memories and not all of them good. Like the time a very young (1 1/2 year old) Buttercup screamed from Vegas to Los Angeles. (I, too, was driving and I broke land-speed records to get home. I kept thinking, "if I get pulled over, I'll just hand him the baby, I will, I'll just hand him the baby!"). Then again, the kids handled the drive to/from Kalispell, MT so well that I wondered whose children they were (a teenager, a pre-teen, and a kindergartner didn't fight in the car - seriously!). Anyway, if you ever make it to Eastern Washington, let us know...we love little kids!