Tuesday, April 7, 2009


So I was giving my daughter Nancy a bath the other night and she was laying down on her tummy playing and splashing, while I was doing my Sudoko, and she says "Broken". Now at first I did not understand what she was trying to tell me.
"What??" I asked
"broken" She replied
"HuH??" I asked again, "I don't understand"
"broken" she replied a little frustrated
"Open?" I replied
"broken" she replied a little louder
"broken?" I asked
"broken" she replied finaly relieved that I was saying what she was saying
"What's broken?" I asked back
"broken" she said pointing to her backside
"What is broken?" I asked again
"broken" she replied again pulling her little bottom cheeks apart
"Oh no that is not broken, it is suppposed to be like that" I said smiling back trying not to laugh
Now this continued on and on for about five minutes and she was getting more and more frustrated that I was telling her that is was supposed to be like that. She was starting to get very upset and I could tell that she was going to break down and cry that her bottom was broken and no one was doing anything about it. Finally I said " do you want to go look in the mirror and I will show you that it is not broken?"
She quickly got out of the bathtub and was ready to have her towel around her as she was going to walk over to mirror and find out why her bottom was not broken.
Now Ron is asleep and daddy is just relaxing watching sports and sees us coming into the bedroom and wonders what we are doing. I hold her up in front of the mirror and explain to her that her bottom is supposed to be like that so she can go potty.
"See this is how you are able to poop"
My husband then looks up from the television and says "What are you talking about?" After telling him the story he looks at my daughter and says "well you want me to glue it together?"
Nancy just replied with "broken"
We laughed and then we had to call grandparents and tell them that their grandaughter was broken.
We all had a great laugh and if you ask her now (a few weeks later) "Are you broken?" She will point to her bottom and say "broken"


  1. LOL! Isn't is comical how little ones view the world?

  2. Frankly, I think you should have him glue them together. That way, you don't have to worry about potty training very much, lol!

  3. It doesn't seem to go away when they get older, either! Valiant, our 13-year old son, fell hard while roller blading and landed on his backside. Superman immediately started chastising him, "valiant, what were you thinking? We just got that crack to heal from the last time!"..sigh...

  4. Ok that is hysterical. Poor kid thinks her bottom is broken. So funny. Thanks for the words of encouragement over at 365 things you didn't know... . I couldn't find your email so I'm dropping you a comment. It is nice to get support even from people you do not know. It helps to feel less alone in this. Thanks again.