Monday, June 1, 2009

Doing as I do

I have a really bad habit. Ok I probably have more than one but the one I am writing about is probably the worst. When I am confronted with conflict or my husband and I are working something out I will respond with "Ok". Sometimes it is a nice "Ok" and sometimes it is "Ohhhkayyyyy". I have discovered this bad habit from Nancy.

Yesterday we were hanging out with a friend and relaxing. Nancy started tossing things off of the coffee table and I looked at her and said "you need to stop". She started walking away and I asked her to come here and she kept walking and said "okayyy". I thought for a split second and thought "oh dear, she has learned that from me! I can't get mad at her when it is something that I have taught her"

So I just let it go and will work on that very bad habit, because it is a disrespectful attitude that has rubbed off onto her. I think that God allows us to have children, just to show us some of our faults and area's of weakness that we need to work on. I know because, if my husband would have said something I would respond with an "okayyy, I will work on that"

How do you deal with your bad habits? Have they rubbed off onto your kids? I really need some good ideas on how to deal with these.


  1. o.k. you know me, you know my kids.....that answer your question, lol!!!!

    I do know that when they were growing up, the Lord really did (and still does) convict me of some of my bad habits, as I saw them played out in them.

    You hear your words or your tone of voice coming back to you. Or see their expression or see them pointing their finger at someone (guilty!).

    I just prayed alot and ask Him to bring it to mind. Then more prayer, patience and perseverance!

  2. (And lots of feeling like a failure and guilty, which is not the Lord making me feel that way, but I did.)

  3. Oh, Rhonda I still see this happening. I learn from my kids everyday. Sometimes the lessons are painful because I wonder what damage I have done to them. Your idea to start working on this now is a very good one. Your own prayers & prayers of others will be helpful too. Have a greaty week.
    Just a note your comment box is so small I can't see what I'm writing after 2 sentences. How can I make it bigger? I could write less I guess. Takecare.


  4. GOD has taught me "MUCH" thru my kids. I have learned many of my own faults when I saw them reflected in them.