Saturday, May 30, 2009

Story time

I love childrens books! I always have, they are fun and have lots of cool pictures. I have been collecting books for years, long before I had children. I guess it comes with the teritory of working with pre-schoolers.

I was out garage sale hunting today and I like to look for childrens books at a much lower price that are in good condition, and I found one that was brand new. The mom looked at me and said " It's brand new from Christmas, I just got tired of reading it to my daughter" I laughed, and then she said "It is just to long."

As I looked thru the book I thought yes it is a little wordy and when her daughter wants her to read it over and over again, it can get a little old. I bought the book and put it in my bag and we went on our merry way.

But it got me thinking "yes I have books that I hate to read to Nancy because they are long and wordy and really not all that interesting" and then I realized that is the book that she always chooses. When I sit down to read her a story she pickes out the ones that I could care less for, and I think that she has a radar that tells her "Mom is tired pick out this one SHE HATES IT" and she brings it over to me and I sigh and then look at her blue eyes looking at me and start reading it.

One day my Aunt was over visiting and Nancy brought her that book, and my aunt being the great person that she is said "oh a story, oh it has lots of stories in one book. How fun" and as she turned the pages she didn't read the story, she made up her own. She put my kids names in there and then talked about the pictures and since that day I have done the same thing with that book that I don't enjoy, yet now can find some humor in.

Kids are fun and reading is so important but why? Why can't they like the books that you think are the funniest, or the most fun, or have the catchy tune that goes with it? I think it is the radar that goes with the child "well mom enjoys this book way to much pick out another one" I don't know, I guess I just enjoy different things. I could go on and on about the different books I enjoy and now Nancy is begining to enjoy some of the same ones I enjoy! We laugh and have fun with our books! You wanna be her best friend? Read her a story!

What are some of your favorite childrens books? I would love to hear


  1. My grandmother use to change the words and make up her own putting my sisters and I in the story. Wow, I never thought it was possible she may not have liked the original story. Could it be? In my case, I will never know...this side of heaven. She died in 1979, but I treasure those stories!!
    I hope you dont mind. I put a link to your blog on both of my blogs in the friendly link section. Blessings, andrea

  2. Good idea, Auntie. I actually had a book made with Josh's name & some of his friends names written into it. It was cute. Happy reading. It is such an awesome thing to do. Take crae & good to see you writing again.

  3. I remember some of those looooong books!!! I think they just love having mommy's attention or something, lol!

    Wait until she's old enough to notice if you skip a page or two...."no, mommy you skipped a page. It's not the end yet!"

    Try reading Dogzilla, the kid's loved it and you can get it from the library.