Thursday, April 16, 2009


So the other day I was cleaning my bathroom while Ron was down for a nap and Nancy was just hanging out playing quietly in my room. A few minutes into cleaning she came into the bathroom with our old computer keyboard and showed me that she could pick it up. "Oh that's nice, can you go put it back please?" She walked away back into my room. After a few minutes it was really quiet and so I thought that I would poke my head in and see what she was doing. She had all on her own set the keyboard on the stool and put her legs under it and was pretending to type away. It was soooo stinken cute I ran to get my camera. I had to laugh. There are times that I am blown away by her creativity and her sense of helping herself out.
A few days ago we were at Target and we ran into some friends there and so we were walking around the store and she was the most well behaved child I had ever seen. My friends even commented on it. She would pick stuff up and I would make a comment and then ask her to put it back, to which she did. She did this all thru the store and I was a proud mom, thankful that for once we could go out and not end in a screaming fit. We got to the check out and she was looking at DVDs and she walked away and one of them fell on the ground. Just then another clerk walked by and saw Nancy pick up the DVD and put it back in the correct spot. Everyone was so proud of her and I said "Wow she did learn to pick up after herself"
It's these moments that I am so greatful for because it helps balance out the times when we leave the store screaming and yelling because she didn't get her way. I love those moments and I know God knows that we as parents have to have them, or we would be so discouraged. I can laugh when the screaming fits happen in public only because I know everyonce in awhile I am graced with a few times of the best behaved little girl around.
I really have to wonder what Ron is going to be like? I know he has his own personality and that he will grow on his own. I just hope he sees more of the good moments of Nancy than the "fit" moments and wants to be more like that.
For now I will just have to enjoy each and every moment and have a smile no matter what, even in those difficult times when I want to yell and scream with her and say it's not fair!


  1. You already did give the shoes back to me, and I think you're right. I'll keep them!

    I always loved it when the kids behaved in the store (still do, lol!). It was such a nice change from the typical two-year old temper tantrum.

    Ron will be laid-back and like, "dude, whatever."

  2. I, too love those proud moments. God bless you and both your little ones. andrea

  3. You know, they say that you can judge a child's parenting by how they behave when they a) aren't with the parent or b) aren't the center of attention. Obviously, you are doing a terrific job with your future blogger!

  4. Yes, I hope that she has better writing skills than I do.