Monday, February 14, 2011

Mom! I have something to show you

Ok we have all had those moments in raising our children that we wonder "hmmm I hope this doesn't continue much longer" I am not talking about having them be the age that they are, but about wanting us to look at something that they have done.

Nancy is potty trained and she is the pro! I mean she sleeps thru the night and will be up for awhile before she even goes potty. She has a bladder of steel! When I told her that she began to cry and say "I don't want to have a bladder of steel". I tried to tell her that it is just an expression but, I digress.

So when we were potty training her it was a big deal to go poo in the potty and we would celebrate and have a great time showing everyone and then getting a small treat. Now she has been potty trained for a long time and she still asks for a treat after she goes potty. I laugh and say "does mommy get a treat everytime she goes potty?" she just looks at me like "hey you can get your own treat I have to ask" and then she says "no". So we continue on our day. However when she goes poo she will yell thru the house "Mommy I have something to show you!" and I now respond with "Is it poo? cause I have seen your poo before and don't forget to wipe" but she still insists that I come up and talk about her poo with her.

I don't mind really I think it is kind of funny and yes I will share this when she finds the man of her dreams and he comes home to meet us! Of course she will be like 30! (insert laughter here). Daddy tried showing her his poo which she responded "ewww I don't want to look at that, flush the toilet daddy".

I guess I will just have to enjoy the fun of looking at poo and talking about the color and the shape and size for awhile longer and know that she is growing up?

How about you do you have things that you wish they would outgrow quickly?

Friday, February 11, 2011

Beating the Failure Feeling

So I am struggling with being a failure as a parent. I have been trying to find the humor in the little things and have to some extent. However in the whole picture I have just felt like a ginormous failure.

You see I have discovered that I am the most selfish person around. I guess admitting the problem is the first step. Perhaps it is the fits that my children go into when ever I try to do something that I want or need to do. As long as they are doing what they want they are happy, but when it is mom's turn no way. You know that old saying "things that really bother you in other people is something that you are"

Last night I sat wallowing in my own self pitty trying to figure out what to do. I prayed and asked the Lord to forgive me for my selfish attitude and to help me change and become more like HIM. I am not sure how this will all take place but I do hope that He is successful. I just keep clinging to Philippians 1:6

In the mean time I will continue to search for the high points and times of Joy and laughter that we need to have.