Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Well my son Ron who is 7 months old is my over achiever. Can you give them that personality this early? If not then I did. My daughter who is 2 and just a bunch of fun now. She is the late night party animal. She loves to sleep in and stay up redicuously late. She is just like her mom, and Ron is just like dad, does the best in the morning.

Well Ron is the best baby. The first few months were a challenge because I think he had a little bit of Colic and so he cried a lot. Nancy on the other hand came home from the hospital sleeping thru the night and was the easy going infant. Ron is now the most easy going. He loves to hang out and just watch his sister. Ron will be the child that will spend hours in his room or the play area and build a cool something out of lego's and then finally get it finished and his sister will come and knock it down. Maybe not, I feel she may be a little more sensative than that. I call Ron my overachiever because he does nothing small! At seven months he out weighs his 2 year old sister, he is not just cutting one tooth at a time but working on 3, when I change his diaper it is not just in the diaper, you catch my drift.

I love the fact that God created us all with different personalities and that we as parents get the privalege of watching them grow up. I just think that this is a cool thing that we are blessed with. I am amazed at how much I see of myself in both of my kids and I see my husband in them as well. I see the bad stuff and I see the good stuff, and suddenly all those times when my mom would say "trust me on this one" I get it, I truly get it. I love to laugh and I don't look forward to the heartbreaks that I am bound to have, but I will charish and cling to the good times.

So I look forward to making more posts about my darlings personalities and how much they will grow and change and make me laugh and smile at all thier little things that make them them.


  1. Oh yeah, Nancy is you only at two. She's go, go, go, and Ron of course is Mr. Laid Back Himself. BTW, did you see the pix of our guys on Larry's FB? Thought they looked great!

  2. Oh, I definitely think they are born with three are all completely different. It is fun learning to know them and nurturing their strengths.

  3. My husband and I have five children, most of them grown now, but all uniquely designed. Praise GOD for those wonderful unique personalities.
    God bless you for sharing. Blessings and prayers, andrea