Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Could you say that a little louder

So I know it has been awhile since my last blog and I am trying to keep a journal of ideas to blog about, but it has been crazy around here! Summer I thought was going to be relaxing but at this point..... ummmm we are in July??

Well I have to tell you that I decided to get out and go to the mall. I had a few erronds that I needed to run and thought that it would be fun to play at the play area there, and Nancy had a friend over so it would give them something to do.

We start out and we are doing great! Everyone is happy and laughing and having a good time. I get me erronds done and then we go to have lunch at our favorite place "Aunti Anne's" for a little lunch and get going home.

Nancy's friend is potty trained and lets me know that they have to "go" so we head over to Macy's to use the restroom. It is the closest one after all and it's by the shoes, who can resist.
Now the shoe department is right by the mens department. We are walking out of the restroom and I am looking at the summer sandles looking for some flip flops and I turn around to check on the kids who are (believe me are) by me. I see Nancy a few steps away and she is looking at the man maniquin and he is only wearing jockey underwear and she is squeezing the private area of the maniquin yelling "Mommy what is this?" "Moooommmm what is this?" Can I just say that I don't really embarrass easy but that did it for me! I said "it's a manaquin and let's go" I took her hand and led her away really hoping that no one saw me or heard the conversation.

I can honestly say that I was still shades of red driving home from the mall! I love my children and just the innocence that they have.


  1. Crazy at my house, too! God Bless, andrea

  2. I am completely stunned. I wouldn't know quite what to say! Perhaps they should dress the mannequins a little better in the future.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  3. ROTFLOL!!! I am just visualizing this and it's hilarious. You got embarrassed? No Way, Rhonda.

    I'm sure I would have left the store too, but I think I would have been giggling to myself. I'm just immature enough to giggle at these kinds of things.

    Have great week.